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From idea to realization

Surely you are thinking about buying an apartment that would be suitable for your life in which to create a home. With our team of experts we can provide you with services from the purchase of real estate to the realization of the property according to your wishes until the completion of turnkey.

All in one place?

All your life you strive to have your own property, you know what you want, but it is difficult to realize it all. Where to find such a property, how will I explain what color I want, where i will Find the masters to do it for me, how long i'll wait for them, how much it's going to cost me, I'll Do I have enough resources to do it all? These are all questions that we have the answer to and where we can help you.

Find the property you dream of

With your wishes and possibilities, and ours with a professional team we can find you the property you dream of, arrange it as you want and make you move into a new home. We offer real estate appraisal services, advertising real estate for sale, finding a property for the buyer, and keeping records of long-term rentals. We also do the development of a project of the future space and consulting for interior design and professional execution of agreed works. Take a look at some of our properties.

Reviews and words of partners

tempus natura ceo
We decided to cooperate with the DCM real estate agency because we recognized ourselves in them – young, eager to work, reliable ... With their approach, they gain complete trust, both their partners and clients.
by Emanuel Volarić
ALL, Tempus Natura j.d.o.o
The DCM team is thorough, communicative, responsible and professional in doing their job. All cooperation with us to the smallest detail has been brought to perfection. We are definitely looking forward to future projects.
by Paulino Hendić
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